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We've all heard about Halloween. We've all seen movies about it. But do any of us know what Halloween is about?
Let me give you a quick background history.
The Celts celebrated the New Year on October 31st as this was the time that summer ended and the winter began. The Celts believed that with the winter darkness came, and with the darkness came evil spirits too.
They thought that on the night of October 31st that the physical world and spirit world came together and that spirits walked on the earth.
To scare the evil spirits away they would wear masks and costumes, which is where the tradition of dressing up comes from.

Today we take a look at some of the things that we associate with Halloween:













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  • Picture A is ___

  • Picture B is ___

  • Picture C is ___

  • Picture D is ___

  • Picture E is ___

  • Picture F is ___