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Have or Has

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In present tense sentences and present perfect tenses we use has with the third person singular:

"He has a pet dog."
"She has a boyfriend."
"It has rained all day"
(present perfect)
"Susan has your pen."
"The car has a flat tyre."

'You' and 'I' use have.
"You have a nice apartment."
"I have a problem."

Plural nouns use have
"Dogs have better personalities than cats."
"My shoes have holes on them."

Singular nouns and uncountable nouns use has
"The traffic has made me late."
"Which shop has the best clothes.

Use this link for more detailed information: Using have and has

The exercise is pre-intermediate level:

  • Do you ___ my phone number?

  • Mark ___ an English lesson this afternoon.

  • Paul ___ been waiting for you all day.

  • I ___ been working late recently.

  • ___ you seen Simon yet?

  • The girls ___ gone out.

  • Mr. Smith ___ no children.

  • ___ we got time for a coffee?

  • My friend ___ a great job.

  • Who ___ a pen I can borrow.