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Head and Mind Idioms

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Have you ever given a presentation or made a speech to a group of people? Did you feel nervous? Did the people enjoy what you said?

The Business Presentation

Take a look at this paragraph and pay special attention to the 5 idioms in orange:

"I arranged to meet Sarah this morning so we could practice our presentation one final time before presenting it to the board of directors. Sarah arrived 25 minutes late and when I asked her why, she shouted at me! I said there's no need to bite my head off and she apologised saying she had a lot on her mind at the moment and was feeling stressed. Then she found out she had left some important paperwork at home. She must be stressed because she isn't usually so absent-minded. It wasn't a big deal; we managed to print out another copy before making our presentation to the board."

"After we had finished, Sarah looked distraught. She said that we had fallen flat on our faces, but I said that it was all in her mind and that actually everyone seemed to like our proposal."

Other Useful Vocabulary

Here are some definitions for some of the other words in the text.

Board of directors - the group of people who are responsible for controlling a company.
Distraught - very sad or worried.
Proposal - a formal suggestion which is often written.

Can you match the idioms to their definitions:

  • 1 - To be forgetful:

  • 2 - A situation or problem that does not actually exist:

  • 3 - To speak to someone in an angry way:

  • 4 - To be completely unsuccessful:

  • 5 - To have many things to worry about: