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Hey, what’s up?

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A few useful introductory phrases for Beginner/Elementary students

In informal English people often greet each other saying: "what’s up?" This is not appropriate in all conversations. Below is a dialogue between two students, Andreas and Belinda on their first day at their English school. They are using language that is appropriate for everyday use. Can you guess the missing words?

In spoken English we use a lot of contractions. Instead of saying “I am fine” we would say “I’m fine”. Use  contractions in the dialogue when possible.

A: Hi, how are you?
B: ____1_____ fine, thanks. And you?
A: ____2_____ fine. My _____3________ Andreas. _______4________ your name?
B: My ______5______ Belinda.
A: _____6_______ are you from?
B: _____7______ from Congo. And you?
A: _____8______ from Germany.
B: _____9_______ to _____10_____ you, Andreas.

Today's lesson comes from Danica, teacher at EC Cape Town school

Link: How to write contractions

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