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Homonyms Quiz

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Words that sound like one another but have different meanings are called homonyms. Here we look at some examples of words that are pronounced alike and have different spellings.

Homonyms Example

Ate and eight are examples of homonyms.

Ate the past tense of eat: She ate a salad for lunch.
Eight the number 8: I've seen Star Wars eight times.

I and eye are examples of homonyms.

I is a letter and a pronoun: I learn English.
Eye is the sight organ: That cat only has one eye.

Now choose the right the word in each sentence:

  • 1) Your perfume has a wonderful ___.

  • 2) I banged my ___ on the leg of the table.

  • 3) What ___ do you take to work?

  • 4) The wind ___ the door closed.

  • 5) She returned to the ___ of the accident.

  • 6) I had an apple and a ___ for lunch.

  • 7) We walked home ___ the park.

  • 8) I can play a few ___ on the guitar.

  • 9) Don't touch the cat's ___.

  • 10) I can't eat this ___ pizza.

  • 11) I wonder if they will change ___ plans?

  • 12) ___ much easier than I remember.

  • 13) He wants to lose some ___ before summer.

  • 14) Does anyone still ___ letters?

  • 15) We should ___ the plane now.