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"My father taught me how to sail a boat."

"There's a great sale on in the department store."

Sail and sale have the same pronunciation although they are spelled in different ways – and have different meanings.

Homophones are tricky especially when you are writing. As long as you have spelled the word correctly, your computer's spell-check will not let you know there is a mistake eventhough you have used a word out of context. For example, can you see what is wrong with this sentence?

"I thought you new it was John's birthday."

New is used in the wrong context. The correct word is knew, which sounds the same as new.

If you write in English for business or academic reasons, it is important to know homophones. Choose the correct word in these example sentences:

  • 1 - The lamp is heavy at the ___.

  • 2 - I don't remember going ___ before.

  • 3 - The walls are ___, you should put up some pictures.

  • 4 - The wind __ the papers off the table.

  • 5 - She kicked the ball ___ the window.

  • 6 - You will ___ unless you put a coat on.

  • 7 - I think you did a ___ job of painting the room.

  • 8 - ___ the only person here from Russia.

  • 9 - If there's enough ___ left we can make a cake.

  • 10 - Write it down on a ___ of paper.

  • 11 - Have you ___ today's newspaper yet?

  • 12 - You have to push the ___ pedal hard on my car.

  • 13 - I don't think that is the ___ answer, please check it again.