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Homophones - Same pronunciation different meaning

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Homophones are words that have a different spelling, different meaning but the same pronunciation.

For example:

I went to the sea to see my friend.

The words sea and see have the same pronunciation but different meanings and spellings.

Homophone Examples


Buy her a present for her birthday.
She lives by a park.


There's a hole in my trousers.
I read the whole book in one day.


Write your name on top of the test paper.
I couldn't remember the right answer.

Note on Homonyms

Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but may have different meanings. For example, book and show are homonyms.

I am reading a good book at the moment.
We should book our train tickets before the price goes up.

Show John where the bathroom is.
Did you enjoy the magic show?

Take a look at these sentences and choose the correct missing word. All of the missing words are homophones.

  • 1) Would you like a ___ of cake?

  • 2) I've never met a ___ actor before.

  • 3) This is ___ difficult for me.

  • 4) He's not coming because he's feeling ___.

  • 5) It is so heavy because it is made of ___.

  • 6) The boat will ___ across the ocean.

  • 7) The wall is too ___. Let's paint it.

  • 8) Can you ___ me a cup of coffee?

  • 9) Abdul ___ first-prize in the writing competition.

  • 10) Can you ___ me or should I speak up?