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Household Objects

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Here are some things you will find in almost every house, but they are not as well known as words such as bed, sofa or wardrobe. Can you match each word with its definition?

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Whisk - picture
Hook - picture
Charger - picture
Hob - picture
Rug - picture
Plunger - picture
Plug - picture
Peep hole - picture
Corkscrew - picture
Flannel - picture


Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. A ___ is like a small towel that you usually use to wash your face.
  • 2. A ___ is something you hang coats, jackets or towels on.
  • 3. A ___ is used to mix ingredients together.
  • 4. A ___ is the thing you put in the sink to stop the water running out.
  • 5. A ___ is like a small carpet that you can lift up and move about.
  • 6. A ___ is used to unblock a toilet.
  • 7. A ___ is a very small window in your front door which allows you to see who is outside.
  • 8. A ___ is used to open bottles of wine.
  • 9. A ___ is a hot plate on top of the oven and is used to cook food such as pasta.
  • 10. A ___ is the thing we use to add electricity to items such as phones, laptops or cameras.