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How does it taste? Food Adjectives

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Food - One of my favourite things in the world. With most of us able to taste food from all corners of the globe, there needs to be a lot of adjectives to describe what we are tasting. In the following sentences, can you guess which adjective should be used?
Lesson by Caroline

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Taste and Texture Adjectives

Bitter - Having a strong, often unpleasant taste e.g. coffee, dark chocolate.
Sweet - Usually an enjoyable taste of sugar.
Dry - Not wet.
Moist - A little wet.
Bland - Boring, not interesting.
Spicy - Having strong flavours from spice.
Savoury - Not sweet e.g. bread.
Rich - Rich food has a lot of butter, cream, or eggs in it.
Salty - Tastes of salt.
Tasty - Good flavour and is nice to eat.
Sugary - Tastes of sugar.
Greasy - Containing or covered with fat or oil.
Scrumptious - delicious.
Sour - Having a sharp taste e.g yogurt, lemon.
Piping hot -Very hot.
Crunchy - Firm and making a loud noise when it is eaten.

Complete the sentences using the correct adjective.

  • 1. My cousin used to eat lemons for breakfast. I don't know how, they're so ___.

  • 2. I don't like ___ food. I always use a lot of sauces or gravy.

  • 3. Authentic curries are usually very ___.

  • 4. I love chocolate cake, but that one was so ___ I could barely finish it!

  • 5. Yuck! This soup is way too ___!

  • 6. I love pizza, but sometimes it’s a bit too ___.

  • 7. Yuck! I think this milk is ___.

  • 8. I love ___ food, like chocolate, cookies and cakes.

  • 9. Not only was the service bad, when the food arrived it was ___.

  • 10. I like really ___ salads, that have carrots and peppers in them.