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How to express positive emotions

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Do you remember our lesson about how to express negative emotions? Let's talk about positive emotions today :)

Here is a mix of adjectives you could use with the verbs 'to feel' or 'to be', some examples, as well as their meanings:

- to be ecstatic/elated = to feel or express ecstasy; intense happiness; joyful excitement.

I was ectastic when my sister told me she was pregnant!

- to be in awe of (someone/something) = to feel respect, admiration and wonder for someone or something.

Matthew has always been in awe of his grandfather. He loves talking about him!

- to feel courageous = to show or have courage to do something; feel brave.

Millions of courageous people died during the war.

- to be eager = to show interest or desire to do something; strongly want to do something.

Anna is always eager to help her friend with her sustainability project.

- to feel reassured = to feel confident and sure that something or someone is fine.

I stopped worrying as soon as I heard her voice. Her telephone call really reassured me.

  • 1. The whole nation was ___ Nelson Mandela.

  • 2. I can't believe I passed my driving test! I'm ___ !

  • 3. James is the most ___ man I know. Nothing scares him!

  • 4. We're all ___ to spend the day at the beach since it's a public holiday.

  • 5. Hearing the good news made me feel ___.