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How to form Comparatives - Elementary / Pre Intermediate

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How to form comparatives

1 syllable adjectives. Add –er
Eg: cool = cooler

2+ syllable adjectives. Add more to the adjective
Eg: powerful = more powerful

Adjectives ending in –y. Remove –y and add –ier.
Eg: funny = funnier

Adjectives ending in –e. Add –r.
Eg: large = larger

Irregular adjectives.
Eg: good = better

Adjectives ending in a vowel and a consonant. Double the final consonant and add –er.
Eg: slim = slimmer

Let’s face it, comparatives are confusing! Take the quiz and let's see if you can solve it!
Do you have any idea what these adjectives become in comparative form. Good luck!

Lazy, thin, attractive, poor, hot, fat, exciting, safe, fast, bad, difficult, tidy, modern, young, happy, wide, warm, rich, healthy, loose

Today's lesson is by Sebastian E’Silva, EC Cape Town

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