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How to form plural nouns

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The following sentence contains a singular noun.

They keep their car in the garage.

The following sentence contains a plural noun.

They keep their cars in the garage.

Plural nouns indicate there is more than one of something.

Making plural nouns

When a noun the ends in s, x, ch, or sh, add es to the end:

There is a an old church in the village.
There are two old churches in villages.

When word ends in z, add zes to the end:

We did a quiz in school.
We did some quizzes in school.

When a noun ends in vowel + y, add s:

We have to write an essay.
We have to write some essays.

When a noun ends in consonant + y, change the y to ies:

We should throw a party.
We should throw parties.

When a noun ends in f or fe, change f to v and add es:

There's a knife in the cupboard.
There're knives in the cupboard.

When a word in ends in o, add es:

Would you like a tomato?
Would you like some tomatoes?

When the noun ends in is, change the is to es:

We need a new hypothesis.
We need new hypotheses.

Some nouns are the same in singular and plural:

There's a sheep in the field.
There are sheep in the field.

Some nouns have irregular forms:

Who is that man?
Who are those men?

Now add the correct plural nouns to these sentences. The singular form is in brackets (only use lowercase and be careful with your spelling):

  • 1) I had to take three (bus) ___ to get home.
  • 2) Whose (bike) ___ are these?
  • 3) Remember to brush your (tooth) ____ before you go to bed.
  • 4) My (foot) ___ are really hurting. I need to rest them.
  • 5) How many (wife) ____ did England's King Henry VIII have?
  • 6) The (child) ____ are all playing outside.
  • 7) They have some (pony)___ we can ride.
  • 8) She bought some new (dress) ___ in the sales.
  • 9) He told us a lot of interesting (story) ___.
  • 10) She gave me some (advice) ___.
  • 11) It's your turn to wash up all the (dish) ___.
  • 12) There were (mouse) ___ in the field.