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How to form Superlatives - Elementary / Pre Intermediate

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Superlatives are the best! Or the worst…or the most confusing…or the easiest…you decide! Take the quiz and let’s see if you can solve it!

How to make superlatives

1 syllable adjectives. Add the /adj./ est.
Eg: cool = the coolest

2+ syllable adjectives. Add the most to the adjective
Eg: powerful = the most powerful

Adjectives ending in –y. Remove –y and add the /adj./ iest.
Eg: funny = the funniest

Adjectives ending in –e. Add the /adj./ st.
Eg: large = the largest

Irregular adjectives.
Eg: good = the best

Adjectives ending in a vowel and a consonant. Double the final consonant and add the /adj./ est.
Eg: slim = the slimmest

Take a look at these adjectives and rewrite them into superlatives. Good luck!

Lazy, thin, attractive, poor, hot, fat, exciting, safe, fast, bad, difficult, tidy, modern, young, happy, wide, warm, rich, healthy, loose

Today's lesson is by Sebastian E’Silva, EC Cape Town

  • Lazy becomes the
  • Thin becomes the
  • Attractive becomes the
  • Poor becomes the
  • Hot becomes the
  • Fat becomes the
  • Exciting becomes the
  • Safe becomes the
  • Fast becomes the
  • Bad becomes the
  • Difficult becomes the
  • Tidy becomes the
  • Modern becomes the
  • Young becomes the
  • Happy becomes the
  • Wide becomes the
  • Warm becomes the
  • Rich becomes the
  • Healthy becomes the
  • Loose becomes the