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How to learn new words!

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It's no use learning a list of new words. Instead, when you find a new word, you should learn the whole sentence it appears in. Don't learn the word in isolation, learn the word in context. You'll find it easier to remember the word and how to use it by remembering an example sentence. Write the phrase down in a notebook. Make your own mini-dictionary of new words and refer to it whenever possible. Try to use the new word in conversation or when speaking.

For example, you find a new word: 'frightening' and you look it up in your dictionary. You find out that frightening means 'something that makes you feel scared/fear'. In your notebook you write a sentence when using that word:

'The horror film I watched was frightening. It gave me bad dreams last night.'


Key words

isolation - alone; separate.

context - the situation within which something exists or happens, and that can help explain it.

refer - to look at something (usually a book) for help.

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