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How to talk about football

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The 2014 World Cup is well underway in Brazil. Here are some expressions that will help you talk about football in English.  

1) I missed the Brazil game. What was the score?

2) England have to win this game to go through to the next round.

3) If they don't win they will go out.

4) Who scored for Japan?

5) I can’t believe the referee didn’t give a penalty.

6) He was miles offside!

7) That was never a foul – he dived.

8) Who did you think will win? What do you think the score will be?

9) Did you see Van Persie’s goal? It was incredible.

10) Mexico played really well.

11) Who’s playing tonight? What time is kick off?

12) I thought Rooney had a terrible game.

13) Ecuador were unlucky not to win, they had lots of chances.

14) It was a draw, 2-2.

15) Spain should drop Iker Casillas; he was terrible in the last match.

16) I thought Ronaldo was man of the match.

17) He didn’t look offside to me.

18) The defender was pulling Messi’s shirt. It should have been a penalty.

19) He deserved to be sent off for that foul.

20) The referee booked Aguero for handball.

21) How did he miss that? Even I could have scored.