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How to talk about movies

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Read the following piece and choose the key word that best matches the definition:

I went to see that new horror film that director Spike Lewis made. It was banned in some countries because it's so shocking. I've been waiting ages to see it so I'm glad it wasn't banned here. I did read that they had to cut some of the most gruesome scenes, though. I wasn't disappointed, it was terrific! The movie is set on a university campus and the plot centres on a small group of students who go there.
The movie stars Hank Bushback as the hero of the film; although, he doesn't have much dialogue. In fact, there's not really that much talking in the whole film. I guess, whoever wrote the script wasn’t that interested in writing conversations! The film relies more on amazing special effects that look so real, and a scary atmosphere is created by the music that they use. The music was so good that I'm going to buy the soundtrack.
My Spanish friend went to see it in Barcelona, but she didn't think it was that good. She said they ruined it when they dubbed it into Spanish from English. She said she would rather have seen it in English with Spanish sub-titles. I highly recommend it.

Use these 13 words taken from the text to match to the definitions below:

director - banned - set - plot - star - dialogue - script - special effect - soundtrack - dub - sub-titles - cut - scene


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  • The place or time where a movie's story happens:
  • Words shown at the bottom of a screen showing what is being said:
  • The talking in a movie:
  • The music that is used in a movie:
  • What happenes in a movie:
  • To act in a movie:
  • The written words of a movie that the movie is made from:
  • The person who makes a movie:
  • Something that the government has stopped people seeing:
  • To change the words of a movie into another language:
  • A piece of action in a film that was created by special equipment:
  • To remove a part of a movie or a book:
  • A part of a film in which the action stays for a length of time before moving to another: