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How to use Can't and Can't Have

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Can't is often used when we think that something is impossible at the present moment.

"Helen can't be in Spain because I saw her driving past my house this morning."

Can't have + past participle

Can't have + past participle is used when we are sure that something did not happen in the past.

"He can't have been at the meeting, he's on a business trip this week."
"They can't have bought it today because the shops are closed."

Now choose the correct form to complete each sentence.

Link: How to use have and has

  • 1 - My boss said we ___ a holiday at the moment because we're too busy.

  • 2 - You ___ Terry yesterday because he's in Paris all week.

  • 3 - She can't ___ , she doesn't speak English.

  • 4 - They can't ___ it all yet, the movie is too long.

  • 5 - You ___ on this train. You will have to wait.

  • 6 - Sorry, you ___ in right now. Come back later

  • 7 - Susan ___ drive a car yet.