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How to use Enough?

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How to use ‘enough’ with adjectives and nouns – Pre-intermediate

I have £10 and I want to buy this car:

Unfortunately this car costs £100,000

I don’t have enough money. The car is very expensive and I will never be rich enough to buy it.

Look at the sentence above, it uses enough in two different ways. Can you see them? What is different about the way we use enough?

There are two examples in the sentence. Let’s look at them separately:

1. "I don’t have enough money."
Money is a noun, so it comes after enough.

2. "I will never be rich enough."
Rich is an adjective so it comes before enough.

Let’s look at the two rules:

1. Enough + noun e.g. "There is not enough food for everybody, go and buy some more."
2. Adjective + enough e.g. "He is not tall enough to play basketball."

Remember! Adjective before, noun after.

Complete the sentences with enough/not enough or not ___ enough and words from the box.


Lesson by Sam, EC London English school

  • 1. He wants to be a sumo wrestler but he's .
  • 2. I am so busy! I want to sit and watch T.V but I just don't have .
  • 3. He tried to win the race but he came third, he wasn't
  • 4. This bath is freezing! The water is
  • 5. You will have to sleep on the floor there are
  • 6. There is to make a cup of tea! What is wrong with the pipes?