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How would you reply to these questions?

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What do you think is the best response to each question?

1) What did John say?

a) He said he would call you tonight.
b) He saying he would call you tonight.
c) He calling you tonight he said.

The correct answer is a) 'He said he would call you tonight' because it is the correct use of reported speech.

2) Have you seen Belinda?

a) I haven't seen her since 3 days.
b) I haven't seen her for 3 days.
c) I seen her 3 days ago.

The correct answer is b) 'I haven't seen her for 3 days' because we use 'for' to say how long something lasts.

3) What does your sister do?

a) She is shopping.
b) She is a journalist.
c) She is doing her homework.

The correct answer is c) 'She is a journalist because' do in the question means, 'What is your job?'

Now choose the best reply for these situations:

  • 1) When are you going to Manchester?

  • 2) You do like Spain?

  • 3) How's your father?

  • 4) I don't like mushrooms, do you?

  • 5) Why didn't you have a coffee?

  • 6) You’ll probably enjoy this film.

  • 7) Have you done your homework?

  • 8) Why does he need help?

  • 9) How did she do in the race?

  • 10) Is there an apple in the bowl?

  • 11) How often do you go to the gym?

  • 12) What do you wear in school?