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How's the weather where you live?

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Read the description of the weather in Portugal, Japan and Canada, and answer the questions below.
Lesson by Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English school

Carla da Silva from Portugal
People think it’s always warm and sunny in Portugal, but December, January and February are often wet, cold and grey. I hate winter! I usually meet friends in restaurants and bars and we chat. Sometimes we go to a Brazilian bar. I love Brazilian music. Thankfully, winter is short and suddenly it’s summer and at weekends we drive to the beach, sunbathe, and go swimming. I love summer.

Miui Kawasa from Japan
I work for Nikon cameras, in the research and development department. I don’t have much free time, but I have a special hobby – taking photographs, of course! I love taking photographs of flowers, especially in spring! Sometimes, after I finish work, I relax in a bar near my office with friends. My friend, Toshi, likes singing pop songs in the bar. This has a special name, ‘karaoke’. I don’t sing, my voice is terrible and I’m too shy!

Marshall Scott from Canada
In Canada we have long, cold winters and short, hot summers. We have a holiday home near a lake, so in summer I go sailing a lot and I play baseball, but in winter I often play ice hockey and go ice-skating. My favourite season is autumn. I love the colours of the trees – red, gold, orange, yellow, and brown.

Comprehension Questions

1. Where is Marshall’s holiday home?
2. Do they all play sports?
3. Which is Miui’s favourite season?
4. Do you know all their jobs?
5. Which colours are in the text?