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"I live in a..." - Types of dwelling

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Hidden in this article are 7 different types of dwellings (places where people live). All you have to do is unscramble the letters to find the names of them. Good luck!
By Caroline

I lived in a big ushoe as a child. When I was little, we used to go on holidays to Wales and stay in a vnacraa. I remember thinking how tiny it was.

But it wasn’t as tiny as the room in the tfla which I shared with six other girls when I went to university! We each had our own bedroom and bathroom and shared a kitchen. Now I live in a tsudoi , which has been converted so now it has two rooms. It’s also quite small but there are only two of us living there
so I prefer to think of it as cosy!

My Grandmother used to live in a ngubawol which I always thought would be quite nice because you don’t ever have to climb any stairs! But when I am older, I think I would like to live in a beautiful white cttogae with yellow roses around the door. Although, I don’t think I will find one of these in central London!

My least favourite thing to stay in, is most definitely a ntet. They are freezing cold and there’s always at least one spider living in them!

  • 'ushoe' is:
  • 'vnacraa' is:
  • 'tfla' is:
  • 'tsudoi ' is:
  • 'ngubawol' is:
  • 'cttogae' is:
  • 'ntet' is: