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I Me My

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Sometimes, it's the small and most used words in English that students make the most mistakes with, so it can be good to remind yourself of when to use them.

This lesson focuses on 'I, my and me'. In each sentence you need one of these words to complete the gap.

Please tell us how you get on? Also let me know if there are any other 'small' words that you sometimes get confused with.

Good luck!


  • 1. ___ am going to South Africa in a few weeks.

  • 2. ___ best friend has nearly finished university.

  • 3. You didn't tell ___ the correct directions.

  • 4. Could you lend ___ a pen please.

  • 5. She really wants ___ to take my driving test again.

  • 6. Did he tell you that ___ met Prince Edward last week?

  • 7. ___ dog is so adorable. His name is Moose.

  • 8. ___ really want to travel around Colombia.

  • 9. She ate all ___ chocolate!

  • 10. ___ boyfriend hates watching romantic films.

  • 11. Guess what? ___ got a distinction!

  • 12. Her music is so loud, it’s driving ___ crazy!

  • 13. ___ bedroom is so messy.

  • 14. She doesn't like house music. Neither do ___.

  • 15. Could ___ have a small coffee please?