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Idiom of the Day: Eat like a horse

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If I told you my brother eats like a horse, what would you think?

Would you think that he ate horse food, that he had a big appetite or that he was a horse?

Eats like a horse is an idiom. When someone eats like a horse, they always eat a lot of food.

"Although he eats like a horse, he never gets fat."

We often describe things (e.g. my brother) by comparing it to another thing (a horse).

Two common ways to do this are:

Like a

Someone does something ('eats') like a something ('horse').

Subject + verb + like a + noun

She eats like a bird. (she eats very little)
She works like a dog. (she works very hard)
She sings like an angel (she sings very well)

As adjective as

She's as thin as a pencil. (she's very thin)
She's as busy as a bee. (she's very busy)
It's as big as an elephant. (it's very big)
Noun + as adjective as + noun

p.s. I don't have a brother, but if I did, I'm sure he would eat like a horse!

Below are some more well known examples. Can you guess what they are?

  • 1 - He's strong and brave. He fights like a ___.

  • 2 - Without my glasses, I'm as ___ as a bat.

  • 3 - My brother and I ___ like cat and dog.

  • 4 - My sister ___ like a fish.

  • 5 You need to clean your room. You live like a ___! It's disgusting!

  • 6 - I nailed it down, it's as solid as a ___.

  • 7 - I was as ___ as a dog over the weekend. I didn't go out at all.

  • 8 - These instructions are confusing. They're about as clear as ___!

  • 9 - I'm exhausted. I'll sleep like a ___ tonight.

  • 10 - Are you ok? You're as white as a ___.