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If - Using the First Conditional

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"If it is sunny, we will go camping."

The first conditional...

  • Talks about future events that are likely to happen.
  • Is formed by using If + present simple + will/going to/modal verb + verb.
  • Can start with the 'if' clause or the 'future' clause.
  • Can be made negative by using 'won't'.

Here's some examples of the first conditional, but only half of the sentences are correct. Can you decide which half, A or B, makes a correct first conditional sentence? Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. If we save enough money

  • 2. Emily won't speak to me again

  • 3. If I go to South Africa again

  • 4. If he doesn't answer the phone

  • 5. I will need a day off

  • 6. I'll die

  • 7. If you eat your sandwich now

  • 8. I might buy a mansion

  • 9. I'm not coming with you

  • 10. If you finish your essay