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'I'm not a ...' 4 useful expressions

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"I am not a MACHINE!!"

Let's read some short conversations between the happily married Steve and Alice. You will notice that they will make some statements starting 'I'm not...'. These expressions are used when we want to make a strong point and they can be heard in the homes of millions of English speakers every day!

I'm not a mind reader

Steve: "I really wanted to go to the park with you."
Alice: "Then you should have said. I'm not a mind reader, you know."

Meaning: If there's something you want me to know, you have to tell me because I can not read your thoughts.

I'm not a robot

Alice: "It took me hours to prepare dinner and you didn't even say thank you! I'm not a robot!"
Steve: "I'm so sorry, Alice. Please forgive me."

Meaning: I have feelings and emotions. Don't be rude to me; be kind and warm.

I'm not a machine

Alice: "When you've finished cutting the grass I need you to wash the windows."
Steve: "Hang on, Alice. I'm not a machine - I can't keep working and working."

Meaning: I can't work non-stop. I need to take a break. Don't expect me to do everything.

I'm not just a pretty face

Alice: "Steve, you fixed the computer! I'm so happy!"
Steve: "Of course I did...I'm not just a pretty face you know!"

Meaning: Apart from being pretty, I also have other talents!
Note: this expression is always used in a humourous way.


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