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Let's try a synonym quiz. Take a look at the following sentences. Choose the words which has the closest meaning to the keywords. This is a great way to review and improve your English language skills.

Antonyms - what's the opposite?

  • Allow: Did you allow them to leave early?

  • Browse: You can browse at some magazines while you wait.

  • Peculiar: Did you hear that peculiar noise?

  • Standard: The standard way to drink it is through a straw.

  • Adjust: Adjust your mirror before you start driving.

  • Harm: Don't worry, there was no harm done.

  • Distant: The distant call of a bird.

  • Alarm:There was a lot of alarm at the news.

  • Fit: I like to keep fit.

  • Doubtful: I'm doubtful if this is the right house.