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In the English Classroom - Elementary Level

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Before you begin your English class, you will need to understand some classroom vocabulary! In the next ten sentences are ten words that you will probably hear every day in the classroom. Change the order of the letters to find the 'classroom vocabulary'.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Rearrange the letters in orange to make the correct word:

1. Hi everyone, first of all I'm going to write some words on the rboad and I'd like you to tell me what they all have in common.
2. I don't have a cenlip, could someone lend me one please?
3. Open your books to gepa 127.
4. Find all the verbs in past simple in the reading and enilnderu them.
5. You just need to tmach pictures a-d to sentences 1-4.
6. For this exercise you all need to be in rsaip.
7. Jose and I are always terpanrs!
8. Don’t forget to bring your rowkemoh tomorrow!
9. Who knows the sanwre to question one?
10. heckc your answers in twos.

What are the correct words:

  • 1 - 'rboad' is:
  • 2 - 'cenlip' is:
  • 3 - 'gepa' is:
  • 4 - 'enilnderu' is:
  • 5 - 'tmach' is:
  • 6 - 'rsaip' is:
  • 7 - 'terpanrs' is:
  • 8 - 'rowkemoh' is:
  • 9 - 'sanwre' is:
  • 10 - 'heckc' is: