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In the Hospital

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Read through these three paragraphs. Can you tell what the orange words are? All the letters have been scrambled. Rearrange the letters to find the correct spellings.

I broke my leg playing football. My friends called an ecnaalubm to take me to hospital. It took 20 minutes to arrive.

The doctor gave me an y-xra to see how bad the break was. He said it was so bad that I needed an teinpooar to fix a part of the noeb in my leg. I met the userngo who was going to do the operation. He seemed very nice and he helped me relax. The last thing I remember is the erusn giving me anaesthetic.

When I woke up it was all over and I had a big white satc over my whole leg. I had to wear it for six weeks, but when it came off my leg was stronger than ever.

Rearrange the letters to make the correct spelling of each word. All of the words are related to hospitals.


  • 1) "ecnaalubm" is:
  • 2) "y-xra" is:
  • 3) "teinpooar" is:
  • 4) "noeb" is:
  • 5) "userngo" is:
  • 6) "erusn" is:
  • 7) "satc" is: