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In the news: 13-year-old father

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A baby-faced 13-year-old boy, has made headlines around the world after his 15-year-old girlfriend gave birth to his daughter. Alfie, who was twelve at the time of conception, shot to fame after he appeared on the cover of Britain's biggest selling newspaper holding his new-born baby. Looking much younger than his 13 years, Alfie said "I know I'm young, but I plan to be a good dad."

The news has sparked outrage in the UK where people see the birth as a sign of Britain's decline in values or 'broken Britain' as the media are describing it.

Alfie's parents have been criticised in the press for cashing in on all the media interest by selling their story to the newspapers. It's believed that Alfie's divorced parents have received thousands of pounds from the tabloid press for interviews and photos.

In a new twist it's been reported that the baby's mother has had a number of boyfriends, and that Alfie may not be the father after all.

A spokesman for the 13-year-old who reportedly fathered the baby said a DNA test would be performed to identify the dad for certain.

Key words

conception - the moment that a baby is formed inside a woman's womb.

sparked outrage - caused extreme anger.

cashing in - to get money or another advantage from an event or situation, often in an unfair way.

divorced - married in the past but not now married.

tabloid press - a type of popular newspaper with small pages which has many pictures and short simple reports.

twist - a change in the way in which something happens.

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