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In the news: a new flag for New Zealand

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The people of New Zealand are being given the chance to choose the design of a new flag. The Flag Consideration Project set up a website for people to design and upload ideas for a new national flag.

The best forty from the more than 10,000 designs submitted are now available for the public to see before a panel selects a shortlist of four to be put to a public vote in a referendum at the end of the year.

The decision to challenge New Zealand's existing flag has been led by prime minister John Key, who has commented that the current design "symbolises a colonial and post-colonial era whose time has passed".

The current N.Z. flag features Britain's Union Flag (on the upper left-hand quarter) which may New Zealanders feel does not represent the country. It is also said that it has a very similar appearance to Australia's flag.

Some Kiwis, however, feel attached to the flag as it has been part of the country's history and events are what give the flag its symbolic and emotional value rather than the design itself.

Now answer these questions about the text:


  • 1) New Zealand has the same flag as Australia.

  • 2) People will vote from a final choice of 40 at the end of the year.

  • 3) People of NZ are known as Kiwis.

  • 4) Colonial in this text refers to:

  • 5) Everyone in the country wants a new flag.