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In the news - A story of hope

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Here is a story of a Haitian baby who following the tragic earthquake, has finally been reunited with her mother. Try to put the correct vocabulary in the gaps as you read.

Exclusive: Baby Landina, brought to the UK for life saving surgery after she was pulled from the rubble of an earthquake which _(1)_ Haiti, is finally reunited with her mother. Channel 4 News' Inigo Gilmore writes about how he tracked down Landina's family.
Marie Miracle Seignon - whose name translates as Mary Miracle - broke down and _(2)_ when she came face to face with Landina at a London flat, after Facing the World brought her to Britain from Haiti.
Hailing from one of the worst _(3)_ in the Haitian capital of Port au Prince, it was the first time Marie Miracle had left her island nation, and the first time she had ever travelled on an airplane.
The mother told Channel 4 News: "This is very emotional for me. I had thought Landina was dead and when I heard she was alive I was in shock, and then _(4)_ and could not wait to come here.
I first came across Landina's story after the baby had been pulled from the _(5)_ two days after the earthquake and moved to another hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières called St Louis. Her right arm had been amputated and she was suffering from a serious head injury, caused by the burns.
But this move brought her face to face with a doctor who was determined to save her. At St Louis field hospital she was treated by British surgeon David Nott, a specialist from London, who recognised that the clock was ticking for the sick baby.
Dr Nott, a _(6)_ in Haiti, felt she only had days to live if she didn't receive a critical operation on her badly burnt skull, which had left the burnt bone dead and exposed her to risk of a _(7)_ brain infection. Baby Landina needed to be evacuated as the complex operation could not be done in Haiti.
After a DNA test was conducted to _(8)_.Marie Miracle was indeed Landina's biological mother, the charity Facing the World, Landina's temporary legal guardian, arranged for a passport and visa for her to visit Britain.
Assisted by the charity, Marie Miracle will be staying in London for six weeks before returning to Haiti, and over the coming weeks she will try to re-establish _(9)_ with her young baby.
Landina's story is a heartwarming tale of survival - yet also a more complicated story of how you provide care for victims of a disaster.

Missing Vocabulary:

Devastated - destroyed or ruined
Confirm - make sure
Volunteer - somebody who does a job for free.
Slums - places where many people live in extreme poverty.
Overjoyed - to be extremely happy.
Fatal - likely to result in death
Wept (weep)- to cry in an extremely emotional way.
Bonds - something that ties one person to another.
Rubble - broken bits and pieces of buildings.

Read the full story at:

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