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In the news: Australian Bushfires

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Read the following article on the recent bushfires in Australia and then mtach the key-words to their meanings:

Rescuers are resuming the search for victims of Australia's bushfires amid fears the death toll will rise further.
Rescue teams are expected to find more victims as they scour isolated communities where residents were trapped - some in their cars.
The fires tore through rural towns north of Melbourne on Saturday night, fanned by strong winds and heatwave temperatures.
The disaster area, more than twice the size of London and encompassing more than 20 towns north of Melbourne, has been declared a crime zone. Australian Prime minister Kevin Rudd described the deliberate lighting of fires as "mass murder" following confirmation that police are treating some fire-affected areas as crime scenes.
More than 750 homes have been destroyed.
As Australia battles raging bushfires in Victoria that has claimed more than 181 lives and destroyed entire towns, a growing number of countries have sent messages of support and offers of help and aid.
Police hunting for arsonists responsible for the deaths said today they are close to making an arrest.

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  • People who start fires to cause damage:
  • Including:
  • The amount of dead people:
  • Extreme; violent:
  • Starting again:
  • An event that results in great damage / harm:
  • To have blown air:
  • Search: