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In the news: books you can drink!

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They say that reading is good for you, but did you know that it can also _1_ your life?

The Drinkable Book is a new _2_ that is both a water filter and an instruction manual for how and why to clean drinking water.

In developing countries, access to clean water is _3_. According to the World Health Organization, more than 3.4 million people _4_ each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene related causes. Nearly 100% of deaths occur in the developing world.

It's hoped this filtering device will save lives as well as making things much _5_ for millions of people.

Pages can be torn _6_ of the book and used to filter dirty water. Each book contains tiny particles of copper and silver, that _7_ eliminate over 99% of bacteria. As dirty water _8_ through the paper, bacteria absorbs the silver ions which causes it to die.

One page can purify up _9_ 100 liters (about 26 gallons) of water and one book can supply one person's drinking water needs for about four years, the researchers said.

What are the nine missing words from the text? Choose from the options below:

  • Missing word 1 is:

  • Missing word 2 is:

  • Missing word 3 is:

  • Missing word 4 is:

  • Missing word 5 is:

  • Missing word 6 is:

  • Missing word 7 is:

  • Missing word 8 is:

  • Missing word 9 is: