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In the news: Chilean Miners

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It was very refreshing to see a story in the news recently that brought us good news. The pictures of the Chilean miners emerging from the cavern deep below the ground to greet their families on the surface were very moving.

The commentators used a number of words that contain the letters ‘’inch’’ There are not that many words in the English language which contain these letters and so it was quite surprising to hear several in the same story. See if you can fill in the gaps in the text below using words which have ‘’inch’’ in them.

A capsule was designed by the Chilean Navy to bring the miners back to the outside world. A powerful _1_ imported from Germany was used to lower the capsule into the ground and lift it out again. One by one the miners entered the capsule and were lifted to freedom. This process had to be carried out very carefully and slowly. The capsule could not be lifted too quickly in case it was damaged and so it _2_ its way to the surface.

The families of the miners could hardly believe it when they saw their loved ones reach the surface. It was so miraculous that they had to_3_ themselves to make sure they were not dreaming.

Some commentators expected the miners to appear from the ground exhausted and in low spirits because of the ordeal they had been through but they were healthy and happy. They made it look like a _4_ .

There were so many cameras flashing when the miners came to the surface that some of the relatives _5_ because of the bright lights. The rescue workers had battled against all odds and _6_ success by rescuing the miners.


After this article was written a small bird came up to the writer and said "What about me, I’m a _7_?"
The writer told the bird that it had not helped the miners so could not be mentioned in the article. The little bird flew off in a huff.
Lesson by Jimi, EC London English School

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