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In the news: Facebook saved his life!

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Facebook, Myspace, Twitter - the world is in love with these social networking sites and I bet you are too, and why not? They're useful for many reasons, such as, keeping in touch with friends, making new ones, and now, for saving lives!

In what must be a first for the internet, a depressed 16-year-old boy in England messaged a female friend in the USA that he was intending to commit suicide. The friend in the USA, without knowing where he lived, was able to alert the authorities and get the local police force to intervene. Apparently, in a remarkable chain of events, his American friend told her mother who called the police; the police in turn called the white house, who then got in contact with the British Embassy. The embassy were able to inform the boy's local police force. The police arrived at his house to find that he had taken an overdose, but was still conscious. The boy was rushed to hospital where he was treated before making a full recovery.

Now match the 10 key words to their definitions using the numbers.

  1. depressed
  2. intending
  3. suicide
  4. alert
  5. intervene
  6. inform
  7. overdose
  8. conscious
  9. treated
  10. recovery

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  • The return of health:
  • Planning:
  • To have been given medical care:
  • Unhappy and without hope for the future:
  • The act of killing yourself:
  • Awake / to know what's happeing around you:
  • To warn someone about a dangerous situation:
  • Too much of a drug taken at one time:
  • To tell someone about particular facts:
  • To become involved in a difficult situation to stop it becoming worse: