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In the News: Lance Armstrong

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The world's media has been captivated by Oprah Winfrey's recent interview with _1_ cyclist Lance Armstrong. Watched by tens of millions, In his first interview since he was stripped of his Tour de France titles, Armstrong admitted using _2_ drugs or blood transfusions during all seven of his victories.

During the interview he claimed it would have been impossible to win his Tour de France titles without using drugs. Despite admitting he was part of "one big lie", the 41-year-old said he did not feel he was _3_ at the time because he not believe he was gaining an advantage over anyone because _4_ was so common among his rivals. Lance said he didn't invent the culture, but he didn't try to stop the culture of doping in the sport.

Armstrong insisted it was his successful battle with cancer which prompted the establishment of the Livestrong charity, which increased his _5_ to win at all costs.

It's hard to remember a hero who has fallen so far so quickly. Armstrong said, "I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back _6_ and apologize to people for the rest of my life". It will be intersting to see if the public will _7_ him and where he goes from here.

Key Vocabulary

These are the seven missing words from the article.

Forgive - (verb) to stop being angry with someone for something they have done.
Disgraced - (adjective) people stop respecting you because of something bad you have done.
Banned - (adjective) forbidden, officially nor allowed.
Cheating - (verb) behaving in a dishonest way in order to get what you want.
Doping - (noun) the use of a drug or blood product to improve athletic performance.
Desire - (verb) to strongly want something.
Trust - (noun) to believe someone/something is true when you have no proof.

Now decide where the seven missing words go:

  • Missing word 1 is:

  • Missing word 2 is:

  • Missing word 3 is:

  • Missing word 4 is:

  • Missing word 5 is:

  • Missing word 6 is:

  • Missing word 7 is: