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In the news: New Zealand couple become millionaires by accident

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Imagine that one day you apply for an overdraft of $6,300 from your local bank, and then you find out that the bank have mistakenly paid $6m into your bank account. That's what happened to a New Zealand couple who benefited from a banking error. Finding millions of dollars accidentally deposited into their account, they withdrew $6m before fleeing New Zealand and vanishing!

Police believe that the couple took the money and are currently hiding out in Hong Kong. Australian-owned Westpac Bank confirmed last week that they had been able to recover 2.8 million dollars; leaving the couple with over 3 million. New Zealand police are currently working with their counterparts in Hong Kong to locate the coulple and return them back to New Zealand. The police are now racing to catch the couple before they spend all the money!

So what would you do? The bank puts millions of dollars into your account by mistake. Do you tell the bank they have made a mistake or do you run away with the money and hope that the police don't catch you?


  1. apply
  2. overdraft
  3. withdraw
  4. flee
  5. vanish
  6. recover
  7. counterpart
  8. locate

 Now match the key-words to the definitions using the NUMBERS next to the words:

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  • To find:
  • To request:
  • To run away:
  • Money that a customer with a bank account is temporarily allowed to owe to the bank:
  • A person or thing which has the same purpose as another one in a different place or organisation:
  • To take money out of an account:
  • To get something back:
  • To disappear: