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In the news: Oscar night

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'Slumdog Millionaire' dominated the 81st Oscars ceremony taking home 8 awards including the coveted 'Best Picture' award. The ceremony, hosted by Australian Hugh Jackman, was held in Los Angeles, but it was a night for British film to remember. Not only did the British movie 'Slumdog' clean up, but British actress Kate Winslet won best 'Best Actress' for 'The Reader'.
The biggest surprise of the night saw Mickey Rourke going home empty-handed after being beaten by Sean Penn in the 'Best Actor' category. Rourke had been widely tipped to win for his comeback portrayal of a washed up wrestler in 'The Wrestler'.
As expected, Heath Leger won a posthumous Oscar for 'Best Supporting Actor' for 'The Dark Knight'. His mesmerising 'Joker' performance was universally lauded by both critics and audiences alike.
But the night truly belonged to 'Slumdog' which brushed off stiff competition from 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' (which won just 3 awards).  In a year that has seen Hollywood leaning to produce more and more superhero and animation films, the small budgeted 'Slumdog' is  a really deserved winner and a breath of fresh air.

Now match up the keywords in bold to their definitions below:

Link: Video Lesson -'Slumdog Millionaire'

Link: Video Lesson - 'The Dark Knight'

  • Strongly desired:
  • Without taking anything:
  • To represent someone in a film:
  • To have beaten easily:
  • Happening after death:
  • To win a lot:
  • Controlled:
  • Praised:
  • To have said someone will succeed / win:
  • Mysterious; to make someone keep watching:
  • Finished; no chance of success: