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In the News: Reading and Vocab for Upper-Intermediate Students

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Today's task is a reminder to use online English news sites like the BBC to improve your reading and vocabulary skills.

The following news item is taken from BBC News. You can read the whole story on their webiste: British Airways lines up 1,000 volunteer crew

"British Airways has said 1,000 staff have volunteered to work as cabin crew if a threatened strike goes ahead.
It would also hire up to 23 fully crewed planes from a charter company to help run flights from Heathrow in the event of a strike.

During an internal briefing for staff, BA chief executive Willie Walsh warned he would not reverse cabin crew cuts.
The changes were imposed in November without agreement, which triggered the strike threat."

Now type in (or copy + paste) the words in the text which match these definitions.

Link: In the news 'Man eats winning lottery ticket

  • 1 - To have offered to work for free:
  • 2 - Workers stop working because of a disagreement with their employers:
  • 3 - To pay to use something for a short period:
  • 4 - To go back and forth especially on a regular basis:
  • 5 - A meeting where information is given:
  • 6 - a reduction in the number or amount something:
  • 7 - To have cause something bad to start: