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In the news: Treasure found in California

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A California couple out walking their dog have stumbled across rare, mint-condition gold coins said to be worth up to US$10m, _1_ in the ground. The 1,427 coins, which date from 1847-1894, were never in public use.

The unnamed couple found coins buried in the shadow of an old tree on their _2_ in Gold County. The couple had been walking their dog when they came across a _3_ metal can sticking out of the ground and dug it out.

It is the greatest buried _4_ ever unearthed in the United States.

It is not known who buried the coins, but it seems clear that they probably _5_ to someone involved in the California gold rush, which began in the 1840s after gold was found in the Sierra Nevada _6_.

Now choose the correct missing five words:

  • Missing word 1 is:

  • Missing word 2 is:

  • Missing word 3 is:

  • Missing word 4 is:

  • Missing word 5 is:

  • Missing word 6 is: