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In the news: US Presidential Elections

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Each line may contain a wrong word or is correct. Find the wrong word or leave as is if correct.

1) Today, the earth woke up so some unexpected news: Donald Trump won the US presidential

(2) elections, with 276 Electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton’s 218. The Republican group now

(3) holds a majority in the senate, having ousted the Democratic Party bossed by Hillary Clinton. In

(4) a victory talk he made earlier today in New York, Mr. Trump promised to be a ‘president

(5) for all Americans’, and that he wanted to ‘reach out’ to these who had not supported him

(6) in an effort to get the country to come together. He goed on to say that his opponent has

(7) always worked hard, and that she was owed a ‘debt of gratitude’. Following the news of

(8) Mr. Trump’s victory, financial shops all over the world have nose-dived, however the

(9) long term effects of the win are not yet knowed. World leaders will be quick to congratulate

(10) the president-elect, as did opposition Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and

(11) British first Minister, Theresa May.

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