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In the News: 2010 UK Election

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Millions of people across the UK begin casting their _A_ in the general election that will decide the next government.

But with the election too close to call many _B_ have suggested that there could be a hung parliament - in which no party wins an outright majority.

Due to the structure of the British voting system, one party normally wins a _C_ of seats, even though there are three national parties.

The number of Britons showing an interest in voting _D_ after the country's first ever series of live televised _E_ between the leaders. More than 44 million people are registered to vote in the election.

The first results from constituencies are expected at around 2300 BST.

Type or copy +paste these key words into the spaces below.


  1. debates - serious discussions of a subject in which many people take part.
  2. majority - in an election, the difference in the number of votes between the winning person or group and the one that comes second.
  3. votes - when people shows their choices or opinions in an election.
  4. analysts - people whose job it is to study or examine something in detail.
  5. surged - increases suddenly and strongly.

 Can you use these key -words in your own sentences?

Link: Politics Vocabulary

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