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In The News: Wayne Rooney

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When Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie made a big money _1_ to Manchester United recently their fans were excited by the thought of the two of them forming an formidable partnership. But things haven't worked out that way as Wayne Rooney is going through a very difficult period. He was dropped for United's match with Fulham on Saturday after a poor display at Everton on the opening weekend and only came on as a substitute before getting _2_. Over the last few years Rooney has been the _3_ of the team and considered to be their most important player. Although it was _4_ not to see him named in the team to start against Fulham, many Manchester United supporters think the team is _5_ without Rooney than they are with him.

There are _6_ that Rooney could be out of action for up to two months after surgery to _7_ a six-inch cut on his leg. The gash in the striker's thigh, caused by a collision with Fulham's Hugo Rodallega, was so serious that Rooney had to be stitched up under general anaesthetic. The striker spent Saturday night in hospital receiving treatment before _8_ released home.

United's new signing Kagawa has impressed since his arrival and can easily fill Rooney's role in the team while Van Persie has also started well.

The big question in the English Premier League is, do United still need Rooney?

What do you think?

Useful words

Formidable - very powerful or strong
Dropped - to not include someone
Named - to choose someone to do something
Out of action - unable to perform a usual job or function
Stitched up - to use a needle and thread to close a large cut or wound on someone
General anaesthetic - a drug producing anaesthesia of the entire body, with loss of consciousness (it makes you sleep)

Now complete the text with the correct missing words:

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  • Missing word 2 is:

  • Missing word 3 is:

  • Missing word 4 is:

  • Missing word 5 is:

  • Missing word 6 is:

  • Missing word 7 is:

  • Missing word 8 is: