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Infinitive Patterns

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We already know that some words are followed by the gerund and some by the infinitive, but it gets even more confusing when we have to remember whether the sentence needs the full infinitive with 'to' or not. Here's a test to help you remember. When you've finished, can you use the correct answers to make a list of which words are followed by the full infinitive and which are not? This is quite a complicated exercise so I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Let me know if you would like an explanation of the rules covered in this test.

Lesson by Caroline

Link: Gerunds vs Infinitives

  • 1. I'm really hoping ___ my brother in Buenos Aires soon.

  • 2. I can't believe I agreed ___ tomorrow morning, I'm so tired!

  • 3. Why didn't you ___ dinner yesterday?

  • 4. We watched him ___ the building.

  • 5. I decided ___ the job with Disney.

  • 6. I started ___ weight but then I decided food was more important!

  • 7. She made me ___ her dinner.

  • 8. I agreed ___ him with his driving lessons.

  • 9. Don't you dare ___ the house.

  • 10. I must ___ some milk when I go to the shops.