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-ing/ed adjectives

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This grammar point is something that many students find confusing –
the difference between adjectives ending in –ed or –ing!

The main thing to remember is this:

adjectives with –ing are the cause of the feeling/situation and
adjectives with –ed are the feelings of the person/animal affected

For example:
"This is a boring movie." (cause)
"I'm very bored." (feeling)

Lesson by Seb, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Link '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives: describing feelings and things

How many of these did you get correct? When you have finished write some example sentences.

  • 1. I love listening to ___ music at home.

  • 2. I was very ___ in class yesterday.

  • 3. That test was very ___.

  • 4. Action movies are ___.

  • 5. My friend was ___ when she watched the show.

  • 6. I'm very ___ with my results.

  • 7. I read some ___ statistics recently.

  • 8. I saw an ___ concert recently.

  • 9. I'm so ___ with my stupid husband!

  • 10. English is a very ___ language!