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Internet Vocabulary

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Ninety percent of today’s web users live in non-English speaking countries, yet 56% of online content is in English. Like English is considered the language of international business, English is also the unofficial language of the internet.

The internet is changing the English language, for example 'to Google' is a transitive verb meaning to use a search engine to find information. Seeing as you are using our website to learn English, you probably know quite a lot of internet related vocabulary!

Here is a quiz to see how many words you do know. For each sentence, choose the correct word. If there are any that you don't know, make sure you find out the meaning and write them down.

How many of these words do you use in your own-language? Has your language 'loaned' these words from English? 

Good luck!

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

  • 1. I've completely forgotten my ___ for facebook.

  • 2. I've started a ___ about baking and cakes. I try to write it every day.

  • 3. Did you see Anna's ___ today, I can’t believe she’s going to live in Italy!

  • 4. First you need to ___ , then youtube will give you a list of recommended videos based on what you've watched before.

  • 5. Click on the ___ on my page to read the article I was telling you about.

  • 6. My favourite ___ is channel4.com. I can catch up with new and all my favourite programmes.

  • 7. I was ___ for ages last night because I don’t know what to do with myself now school is finished!

  • 8. Facebook is the most popular ___.

  • 9. Which ___ do you usually use? I like Google Chrome.

  • 10. Go ___ and see if you can find a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding.