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Introducing EC San Francisco

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Opened this month, EC San Francisico is our new 'hot' destination for English learning! Read why you should learn English in San Francisco.

EC San Francisco is coming very, very soon! San Francisco is a popular international tourist destination and there is no better city in the US for students to have a spectacular English learning and living experience.

San Francisco is in California (the 382-mile trip to Los Angeles takes about 6 hours by road). The City itself is relatively small, with a population of 800,000 but located right in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, a metropolitan area of more than 7 million people.

Our school occupies the entire 18th floor of 100 Montgomery Street and is located in the heart of the downtown area, 1 block from Market Street, 3 blocks from the Union Square shopping district, and just 6 blocks from the waterfront. The school’s 16 classrooms surround a central student lounge, where students can relax and meet students from all over the world. At the same time, students can catch up with friends and family at home on the student computers, or their laptop using Wi-Fi.

There is something for everyone in San Francisco, from vibrant clubs and live music venues to many outdoor activities right in the city: biking, skating, kayaking, running and hiking. For business oriented students, San Francisco is a centre for many industries, including Internet and New Media companies, Bio-Technology, and Fashion. We can’t wait to welcome students to our new English School.

Key Words

spectacular - very exciting to look at: "We watched a spectacular fireworks display."

relatively - quite good/bad/etc. in comparison with other similar things or with what you expect: "He's a relatively good tennis player."

the heart of - the centre of: "I work in the heart of London"

vibrant - energetic, exciting and full of enthusiasm: "She has a vibrant personality."

Link: Business English Idiom - 'Olive Branch'


  • 1 - The city has a lot of energy. It's the most ___ place I've visited

  • 2 - We're trying to get to the heart ___ the problem.

  • 3 - She's ___ taller than me.

  • 4 - Did you go to the festival? It was ___.