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Irregular Past Participles - Intermediate Level

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We use the past participle when using perfect tenses, but unfortunately, many verbs are irregular in this form. e.g. Ride - Rode - Ridden

Here's an exercise to help you remember the perfect tenses and to help you see how many past participles you can remember.

Can you name any other verbs that are irregular in the past participle and put them in a perfect tense sentence? Good luck!

  • 1. He didn't want to talk to me because I had (beat) ___ him at tennis the week before.
  • 2. I think I have (forget) ___ everything I learnt last week.
  • 3. I hadn't (sleep) ___ at all so I was in a really bad mood when I saw him.
  • 4. Have you ever (catch) ___ a fish?
  • 5. I don't think I have (deal) ___ with my negative emotions lately.
  • 6. James has (leave) ___ the school.
  • 7. Have you (eat) ___ all your vegetables?
  • 8. I've (keep) ___ all my documents in a safe place.
  • 9. I have never (see) ___ a shark and I don’t want to.
  • 10. We've (think) ___ about your situation and decided we’d like to help you with a loan.