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Irregular Verb Practice

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English verbs come in three basic forms:

The simple present e.g. play "Let's play chess."

The simple past e.g. played "I played my guitar yesterday."

The past participle e.g. played "Have you ever played golf?"

We add -ed to the end of simple present verbs to make regular simple past and past participle verbs.

Irregular verbs don not follow this rule. In fact, they don't really follow rule!

English learners must learn the forms of irregular forms.

Take a look at these ten sentences. They all include irregular verbs. Your task is to choose the correct verb in each sentence.

  • 1 - We will ___ training at 8m. Don't be late!

  • 2 - I ___ in love with her the first time I saw her.

  • 3 - I'm early because I ___ here today.

  • 4 - He broke his arm when he was ___ off his horse.

  • 5 - Did someone try to ___ your bag while you were on the train?

  • 6 - I ___ more than usual last weekend.

  • 7 - ___ the tree until apples fall out of it.

  • 8 - We've ___ each other for years.

  • 9 - Have you ___ me for forgetting your birthday yet?

  • 10 - This chair only ___ me $5 when I bought it.