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Is it a Noun or an Adjective?

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"He finished the race with ease."

"He finished the race with easy."

Which is correct?

I hope you said ease because the noun form is needed in this sentence (easy is an adjective).

Take a look at the following ten sentences. What's missing in each one: a noun or an adjective?

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  • You always look so ___.

  • I want to travel while I'm still ___.

  • ___ continues to be a big problem in this region.

  • It's common for small children to be ___.

  • Did he take ___ at what I said?

  • A lot of people feel ___ when the weather is bad.

  • There's a lot of ___ in the media about this movie.

  • The problems on the subway caused ___ with commuters.

  • It seems that ___ is in the air tonight.

  • The ___ of this report can not be ignored.